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As Seen On The Debrief UK

Hey! Wanted to showboat around that one of my patches was recently featured on The Debrief UK site in an article about how to jazz up your jacket. Thanks to Cam Khalid for mentioning my work ❤ Want to be way cooler and hang out with the cool kids? Buy some patches from my etsy… Continue reading As Seen On The Debrief UK

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As Seen On Brown Paper Bag Blog

Hey! It's been a while since I posted. I sort of went a little ambitious and decided to design/order a bunch of new patches for the etsy store. Which is good, but also makes staying organized with like 6 hours a week available to run an etsy shop a liiiiittttle difficult. So it's been real… Continue reading As Seen On Brown Paper Bag Blog

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Secretly Basic on Society6 Now!

Hey! I've been really really busy lately! Shipping orders, designing stuff, being sick with the plague, and generally having a good time. I wanted to quickly show you a new design I just finished. It will eventually be a patch, but in the mean time, take a look-see at it available on my society6 page… Continue reading Secretly Basic on Society6 Now!

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Keep On Keepin’ On

Had a little bit of a weird day. Could have been me, could have been bad vibes. Who knows. Anyways I'm glad the part of my day where I interact with humans is done! On my way home I was thinking and this idea popped into my head, so I had to make it. See… Continue reading Keep On Keepin’ On

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Only Dog Can Judge Me

Got inspired and designed a few new patches. Gotta hold off on sending them all to print because of $$, if you want to see them, follow me on Instagram! (link on the right) But I'm an incredibly impatient person, so I put the Corgi design up on Society6 right away because what a cute… Continue reading Only Dog Can Judge Me

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Etsy Shop on Vacation until Early January

Hello! It's time for me to take a REAL break! As much as I love sending out orders I will be taking a little breather until early January to enjoy festivities with my family, including our annual LOTR and Hobbit marathons while eating cheese sandwiches and fries - I can't wait! I hope you all… Continue reading Etsy Shop on Vacation until Early January


Craft Pop-Up at Fort Whyte Alive December 2

Hello! I will be at Fort Whyte Alive on December 2 to sell my prints, patches and pins in person! It will be your last chance to buy something in person before the holidays, see you there! For more details on the event click here.  To visit my etsy shop click here. To visit my… Continue reading Craft Pop-Up at Fort Whyte Alive December 2

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New Patches in my Etsy store!

Hello! I've been super busy moving, but I wanted to make a quick note about 2 new patches I have in my etsy shop! They're full embroidery so they're extra fancy, 2.5" and iron-on. Take a look below. The link is here.