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Cat Mime

I have a ton of paintings hanging around my house that I would be ever so grateful to get rid of. I'll post a series of blogs of what I have available as well as in my Facebook page.┬áTo buy a painting you must live in either Winnipeg or Brandon, because I am not that… Continue reading Cat Mime

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Neon Pop Paintings for sale

Hello all, So the Warhol pop Factory party is over and it was a lot of fun. The music was great, the crowd was incredibly interesting, it was a really unique event. That being said I now have 2 new paintings ready to be sold. They're the pop-art inspired paintings I had mentioned before. They're… Continue reading Neon Pop Paintings for sale

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Zombie girl painting – for sale for the first time!

In celebration of Halloween I present for sale for the first time my Zombie Girl painting. It measures 20" x 16", is acrylic on canvas. I paintd this a few years ago, but never posted it for some reason, it can be yours for $100. Just a warning the edges of the canvas are exposed… Continue reading Zombie girl painting – for sale for the first time!

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Deal of the Week & more!

Hello everyone! I'm somewhat back. My computer is all set up in the "Library" in the house, which could actually be mistaken for a set for a movie about hoarding. It's incredible how much stuff one person can accumulate. I always knew I had a lot of stuff, but I'm always cleaning things out and… Continue reading Deal of the Week & more!