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Death by Coffee

I had another funny thought I wanted to put into a design the other day. This one is about how much coffee I drink. I'm a pretty low energy type of person, prefer to sit around, or wander around slowly than go skydiving. Movies are my jam. Staring out a window is pretty sweet (especially… Continue reading Death by Coffee

Graphic Design related

A Little Less Conversation

As The King would say. I'm not sure why this thought crossed my mind, maybe it was because I was not getting my laundry done fast enough for my brains' liking. Whatever it was I thought this was kind of a neat way to kick yourself in the butt and get going. I also have… Continue reading A Little Less Conversation


What a Lovely, Lovely Voice

Yes, that is a Bane quote. I'm still as busy as ever with a flu all week and then this weekend having a sick dog and being responsible for writing a case study for a group project. All that un-fun nonsense aside I wanted to share a song I just heard and loved. It's "The… Continue reading What a Lovely, Lovely Voice