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Oh, Hi Mark

Inspired by probably one of the greatest movies in cinematic history I've finally decided to design something based off of the amazing movie The Room. Whats your favourite scene? Is it the flower shop scene? All the file footage of San Francisco? The birthday party that can't decide if it wants to be inside or… Continue reading Oh, Hi Mark


Good-Bad Movie Recast: The Room

One of my fantasies if I were to win the lottery would be to take a bad movie and recast it. I always wonder when I watch independent and bad (not saying that bad movies are restricted to independent, because they're not) if the movie had a budget and could get really incredible actors, a… Continue reading Good-Bad Movie Recast: The Room


Loch Ness: finding answers, ignoring facts

I stole that from a t-shirt I own. I wanted to show you the painting I made for part of my boyfriend's valentines gift: I'm a big fan of the loch ness monster ever since I got a stuffed plaid toy brought back from Scotland from my grandparents. I beileve he was wearing a beret… Continue reading Loch Ness: finding answers, ignoring facts