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Retro Inspired Christmas Star Pattern

I dont know what it is, but it seems like theres some kind of super cute connection between the 1950's and Christmas. I guess maybe because everything was cute back then? It's hard to say, but definitely my aesthetic this time of year more than normal, is retro! I created a few super cute patterns… Continue reading Retro Inspired Christmas Star Pattern

Art related

Artists Promotion on Society6!

Hey! I almost missed the boat on this, but there's a special 25% off Home Decor items at Society6 right now using my special artist promo link here. You also get free international shipping! Huzzah! I also posted two pretty new things in my shop, they're just available as prints, because of their format. But… Continue reading Artists Promotion on Society6!

the Wish List

The Wish List: May 2013

May has been a bit of an odd month; work has been crazy, trying to get anything accomplished has been like running in sand, the weather has gone from cold to hot to rainy and miserable. May is one of those months that can either be fantastic or a drag. So far this May has… Continue reading The Wish List: May 2013