A few of my favourite things

Quick Pick: Berry D’Orsay flats

Remember when you could go ouside in shoes? I'm in Winnipeg, so to answer my own question: No. Someday I will get to wear shoes again, and until then I will dream of these berry and tan coloured D'orsay flats from Citizen, available through Anthropologie.

A few of my favourite things

D’Orsay shoes

Are my new favourites. I've been noticing them popping up on Pinterest more and more, but have been having a really hard time finding them. Apparently the shoe was named after Count Alfred d'Orsay and have cut outs close to the base of the shoe that were originally purposed to fit people with wide feet.… Continue reading D’Orsay shoes

A few of my favourite things

If I had $325…

...kicking around and I literally could not find something more useful to spend it on I think I would buy these shoes that I can't seem to get out of my head. They're so simple, but so... interesting. Besides the fact that I will be unlikely to EVER have that kind of money that doesn't… Continue reading If I had $325…

Things I would buy if I had money

Shoe Post!

There's been a lot of movie reviews this last little while, which is good, because movies are great, but shoes are also great. Me being busy means that I dont have time to sit around an look at magazines and derp around online looking at sites that have enjoyable items such as shoes. Now I'm… Continue reading Shoe Post!