Moon Necklaces – New Jewellery in my Etsy Shop!

New modern necklaces inspired by the moon man available now in my etsy shop!


June Birthstone Print

So it's been a few weeks since I got to do a birthstone print. Honestly unless it's the weekend there isn't a lot of time to get to work on my own stuff. Especially when it's dark, and gloomy, and cold out, it's hard to get myself to do anything. I really want to get… Continue reading June Birthstone Print

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April Birthstone Print – Diamond

The very latest in birthstone prints is April! Go figure. April seems to be kind of the luckiest month because the birthstone is the most valuable, most sought after, and most expensive. Maybe that's actually a bad thing? I imagine you folks born in April end up with a lot of cubic zirconas for that… Continue reading April Birthstone Print – Diamond

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February Birthstone Print

Hello again, I am having way too much fun on my day off. It's 1:30pm and I'm still in my pjs, so that's pretty great. Before I get my act together, I present the latest design which is February's birthstone Amethyst. I really love Amethyst stones, I actually love most gems, really. I'm a big… Continue reading February Birthstone Print

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Who ya gonna call?

Halloween is over, but for some of us, it lives all year in our hearts. My sister loves halloween, maybe not as much as me, but what she loves even more is Ghostbusters. When we were kids we wised to go rollerskating at the Wheelies in Brandon. I always requested on vinyl (I feel old)… Continue reading Who ya gonna call?

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Deal of the Week & more!

Hello everyone! I'm somewhat back. My computer is all set up in the "Library" in the house, which could actually be mistaken for a set for a movie about hoarding. It's incredible how much stuff one person can accumulate. I always knew I had a lot of stuff, but I'm always cleaning things out and… Continue reading Deal of the Week & more!