Feeling Lazy?

Who isn't! I just listed a series of hand-painted Particle Party necklaces on my etsy shop!¬†What does this have to be with being lazy you might ask? Well, here's what I'm thinking. If you have to buy something for Valentine's Day why not get it all at the same place, and the best part is… Continue reading Feeling Lazy?

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In time for Valentimes

Hey y'all, I just finished the first in probably a series of Valentine's Day prints that you can buy for your loved ones! I will also be turning some of them into cards for the people you hate, just kidding, those are for your loved ones, too! Here's the first with pink confetti expression lots… Continue reading In time for Valentimes

citrine necklace
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Holiday Gift Guide: Crystal edition

Hello there! I stumbled across someone's easy shop and I was so totally blown away with her work that I had to dedicate a blog post to her work, and others along a theme. I can't speak for the people you know, but I can speak for myself and I would be happy to recieve… Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide: Crystal edition