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New Prints, Totes and Mugs at Society6!

Hey y'all! Hope everyone out there is keeping warm. I don't know where you're from, but here in Winnipeg it is really really really cold. Like Ice-Ice-Baby-Cold. Like Ice-Cube-and-Ice-T-shaking-hands-in-a-freezer cold. Like Dr. Freeze-eating-an-icream-cone-on-an-iceberg cold. You know? Pretty unbearable. But, it can't last forever, right? I got to put together some new illustrations for my Society6… Continue reading New Prints, Totes and Mugs at Society6!

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Mint Chocolate

I have another new painting for sale inspired by the freshness on this mint green colour. A little more pop arty and a design that would make a cute fabric design I think. "Mint Chocolate" is available for $90 and is 16" square. Email me if you're interested in this painting: