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I Love My Pomeranian

It's as simple as that. I love my pom. He's the best. If you don't know about my pom he's 5 years old, named Gomez Napoleon. His hobbies include: sleeping, playing, smelling things, eating things off the ground he shouldn't eat, licking the wall, and cuddling. I draw many pictures of Gomez because he's my… Continue reading I Love My Pomeranian


Back from vacay, time to try and catch up

I'm baaack! Actually I was back on Monday, but have been absolutely overwhelmed with things to do this week. Work gets pretty cray with all the events and means a lot of working overtime, which is fun, but means home time things, such as cleaning and cuddling Pomeranians gets put to the back of the… Continue reading Back from vacay, time to try and catch up


Gomez in his foxhole aka Fort “Boys-only”

I don't think I need to explain that Gomez is a weird dog, if I do, Gomez is a weird dog. His newest love is the fort created on my chair by my vanity that consists of my house coat  and the mattress cover (which has since been put back on the bed to his… Continue reading Gomez in his foxhole aka Fort “Boys-only”


My love of tiny weirdo dogs

I watched some of the Westminister Kennel Club dog show last night, and boy oh boy was there a lot of cute happening. I've decided, after much consideration, if I get a tonne of money and some sort of ranch I am going to get these cutesies: Brussels Griffon: Affenpincher: long haired chihuahua Several Pomeranians… Continue reading My love of tiny weirdo dogs