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Black Cat Patch, Tote & Pillow

CAAATTSSS. People love them! So why not get a pillow or tote or print with a cutie on it? Also soon to be a patch, keep your eyes peeled. Totes, prints, clocks, pillows etc. available on my society6 page right now.

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Dean Strang and Jerry Buting Wisconsin Justice League

Have you watched "Making a Murderer" yet? That's pretty much my tagline right now. No one at work has, and it's literally driving me insane. I┬áneed some kind of group therapy where we talk about the case.┬áSomeone else on Instagram pointed out how this is everyone on the internet right now: I started watching it… Continue reading Dean Strang and Jerry Buting Wisconsin Justice League

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Scandinavian Inspired Simple Fern Illustration

Hello again, I made up some super simple, modern, cute little fern illustrations, mostly for their purposes on clocks and pillows. I have a lot of funny words, and words to live by prints and designs, but sometimes you just want a really modern print in your house to keep things clean looking. I've always… Continue reading Scandinavian Inspired Simple Fern Illustration

A few of my favourite things

Quick Picks

Here's some random stuff that you might like. Polymer clay and leather necklace. Don't the little red beads remind you of those berries that appear on trees this time of year that you used to squish by the bundle as a kid and make a horrible mess of your shoes? This colour combo is not… Continue reading Quick Picks