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Make Someone Happy

Hello! Happy Sunday to you. Just a quick note about a couple of new prints I've made. They're based off of an acrylic painting I made, and as well inspired by the "Make Someone Happy" song by Jimmy Durante. If you don't know this song, it's super cute. Take a listen: So it's a set… Continue reading Make Someone Happy


Mr. Ghost Goes to Town

I heard this song on East Village Radio last week during the Ragged Phonograph Program, which airs on Friday mornings - as if Friday needed to be even better. I've had 100% of the people I've made listen to this fall in love (1 out of 1 is 100%) with a success rate like that… Continue reading Mr. Ghost Goes to Town


Hot Knife

What ever happened to music videos? Remember how great they were? They could turn a mediocre song into something note-worthy. I imagine some day it will be something we tell our grand kids along with video rental stores. I came across this video from Fiona Apple. I'm a big fan of hers, have been since… Continue reading Hot Knife


What a Lovely, Lovely Voice

Yes, that is a Bane quote. I'm still as busy as ever with a flu all week and then this weekend having a sick dog and being responsible for writing a case study for a group project. All that un-fun nonsense aside I wanted to share a song I just heard and loved. It's "The… Continue reading What a Lovely, Lovely Voice