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Super Sage Advice About Menfolk

I'm not usually the type of person to give advice, because heck, I don't know what I'm doing either. And I would have incredible amounts of guilt if I were to make things worse, which my advice almost certainly would. I'm not going into details about my personal life, that's saved for my best pals.… Continue reading Super Sage Advice About Menfolk

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Dog Lovers Promo Code on Etsy – 2 Days Only!

Hello! I've decided to do a promo code for my fellow dog-loving friends. Today and tomorrow only if you purchase one of 4 of my dog prints on etsy and a "Dog is my BAE" patch you'll get $5 off using the promo code DOGMA - so basically you're getting the patch for $3 CAD… Continue reading Dog Lovers Promo Code on Etsy – 2 Days Only!

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New Embroidered Patch – My Dog Is My BAE

Hey! I just released my second patch dedicated to the love of my life - Gomez! If you're looking to buy one of your own to show your fuzzy barking dog son or daughter how much you love them you can buy them on my etsy store, here.

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Summer Love Design Series

Welcome back to the blog! I've been posting a bunch lately because I had a day off, and it's nice to catch up on promoting some of my new designed. Someone's gotta do it, right? The smoke from Saskatchewan has been giving me asthma attacks (not really), so I have to find inside work to… Continue reading Summer Love Design Series

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I Love My Pomeranian

It's as simple as that. I love my pom. He's the best. If you don't know about my pom he's 5 years old, named Gomez Napoleon. His hobbies include: sleeping, playing, smelling things, eating things off the ground he shouldn't eat, licking the wall, and cuddling. I draw many pictures of Gomez because he's my… Continue reading I Love My Pomeranian

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New Valentine’s Day Cards!

Love it or hate it, there's only a few weeks left before Valentine's Day! Personally, I really love the colour combo of pink and red, despite the bad rap that it got it the 1990's. To prove my point I've curated some images: Link image source here. Link image source here. Buy the necklace on… Continue reading New Valentine’s Day Cards!

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Apple of My Eye

Another cute print for Valentine's Day available for you & your honey boo. This one rhymes, so it's kind of like a special rap as a present which will make you seem cool and probably win you a lot of admirers. Available both on my etsy store and society 6.