Good-Bad Movie Recast: The Room

One of my fantasies if I were to win the lottery would be to take a bad movie and recast it. I always wonder when I watch independent and bad (not saying that bad movies are restricted to independent, because they're not) if the movie had a budget and could get really incredible actors, a… Continue reading Good-Bad Movie Recast: The Room


Back from France!

Bonjour!... is about all I know in French. France was fun! aside from the cold rain and getting sick while there. I ate a lifetime's worth of bread and cheese and got to experience what a big family celebration is over there. A good time was had by all. Now that I'm back I feel… Continue reading Back from France!


Django Off The Chain

Get it? Seiously though, the new trailer for the Quentin Tarantino flm Django Unchained was just released and it looks amazing! It's got a lot of my favourite things, Christoph Waltz aka my uncle Gordon (They look really similar), bad asses, cowboys, fancy dress, Quentin Tarantino's insanity, and well, Leo. Check it out if you… Continue reading Django Off The Chain


Golden Globes round-up 2012

Who watched the Golden Globes last night? Anyone? No one I can gossip to, so I need to post about it. I love award shows because of the fashion and celebrities. Before you start, YES I realize how ironic it is that I should be making fun of other pople's fashion choices since I am… Continue reading Golden Globes round-up 2012