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As Seen On The Debrief UK

Hey! Wanted to showboat around that one of my patches was recently featured on The Debrief UK site in an article about how to jazz up your jacket. Thanks to Cam Khalid for mentioning my work ❤ Want to be way cooler and hang out with the cool kids? Buy some patches from my etsy… Continue reading As Seen On The Debrief UK

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Cat Mime

I have a ton of paintings hanging around my house that I would be ever so grateful to get rid of. I'll post a series of blogs of what I have available as well as in my Facebook page. To buy a painting you must live in either Winnipeg or Brandon, because I am not that… Continue reading Cat Mime

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Winter Roses Painting

Here is the second painting I promised in the last post. I've called it Winter Roses, you can probably imagine why. The painting is 6"x36" and I'm selling it for $80. Email me if you're interested or check out my facebook page to see all the paintings available. I should also know my awesomely ugly… Continue reading Winter Roses Painting

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Mustard Scandi Style Flowers

Hello! Today I had some time to work on a painting. I had many other things I should have been doing instead, but I chose to paint instead of spending the entire weekend cleaning like last weekend. I actually got 2 paintings done this weekend, today I'll show you the scandi style mustard yellow flowers… Continue reading Mustard Scandi Style Flowers

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Easter Card on Paper Crave

Hello! It's been a while since a post, I feel like I've been busy but I sure don't have anything to show for it. My nifty new haircut? Just kidding I didn't cut my own hair. But hiding from a self-inflicted hair cut would be a good excuse for not getting anything done, right? Anyways… Continue reading Easter Card on Paper Crave

Milly Pom candles

New Milly Pom candles

I spent most of the day Sunday making candles, I got to use some of the new scents I ordered. The especially amazing smelling ones are passionfruit and cherry-lime. I will be dropping some of the candles off at Glitz Gallery soon, so check them out there when you get a chance or contact me… Continue reading New Milly Pom candles

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What a craptacular week! If you didn't know my baby Gomez got really sick on the weekend, so sick that he had to stay at the vet for a day and a half. I think he's on the mend now, so everyone can breath a sigh of relief. The downside being that my already tight… Continue reading TGIT

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Deal of the week!

Looking for something blue? How about something in a flying bird with heart? Well I've got your ticket, sports fan! Care Bear reference. So this week on "Why don't you buy something already" is a set of 2 paintings called "Loving Birds" The one canvas is 11"x13" and the second canvas is 10" square. They're… Continue reading Deal of the week!

Art related, Deal of the Week!

Deal of the Week & more!

Hello everyone! I'm somewhat back. My computer is all set up in the "Library" in the house, which could actually be mistaken for a set for a movie about hoarding. It's incredible how much stuff one person can accumulate. I always knew I had a lot of stuff, but I'm always cleaning things out and… Continue reading Deal of the Week & more!

Deal of the Week!

Deal of the week!

It's that time again, time to buy some art at an excellent price. This week I'm featuring a beaut titled "Grey Swedish Tree" that is 20" square in diameter. It's a very simple, graphic painting of a tree using a subtle grey as the background and some muted blues and greens as leaves with a… Continue reading Deal of the week!