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Oh, Hi Mark

Inspired by probably one of the greatest movies in cinematic history I've finally decided to design something based off of the amazing movie The Room. Whats your favourite scene? Is it the flower shop scene? All the file footage of San Francisco? The birthday party that can't decide if it wants to be inside or… Continue reading Oh, Hi Mark

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Yes, I Can Hear You, Clem Fandango

Anyone else out there love the show Toast of London starring Matt Berry? I wish it aired in North America, but it doesn't have any Marvel characters, so why would you show it on tv, really? Anyways, you don't want to get me raging against the machine (North American tv) right now, or maybe ever.… Continue reading Yes, I Can Hear You, Clem Fandango

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Bless You!

New to the Society 6 shop is another favourite quote of mine from Seinfeld. Instead of saying Bless You when someone sneezes, why not say "You're SOOOO Good Looking!". Especially wonderful for someone who has allergies and spend their summer sneezing. You can buy it here.