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Negative Space

Do you ever just feel like crying into a paper bag? Lol. Me neither. On that note, the latest print for those of us with a certain amount of gloom that follows us around despite our best efforts, magnified by the fact that it's pitch black outside by 6pm in winter. #killme Available for digital… Continue reading Negative Space

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May Birthstone Print – Emerald

I don't know what it is about Emeralds, but they always remind me of Elizabeth Taylor. I think she had a huge sapphire though, didn't she? Something about Emeralds. Maybe it's because they look extra lovely with dark haired ladies, I think. Here's the 1870's poem about Emeralds as a birthstone: Who first beholds the… Continue reading May Birthstone Print – Emerald

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Who ya gonna call?

Halloween is over, but for some of us, it lives all year in our hearts. My sister loves halloween, maybe not as much as me, but what she loves even more is Ghostbusters. When we were kids we wised to go rollerskating at the Wheelies in Brandon. I always requested on vinyl (I feel old)… Continue reading Who ya gonna call?

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Mint Chocolate

I have another new painting for sale inspired by the freshness on this mint green colour. A little more pop arty and a design that would make a cute fabric design I think. "Mint Chocolate" is available for $90 and is 16" square. Email me if you're interested in this painting: