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Hello there! The weather has dipped down a little bit here making it a little chilly, but the plants are still coming up and the trees and budding and flowers are blossoming. It's really lovely. Everything is turning green and pretty. I love spring, for so many obvious reasons including leaving the house without being… Continue reading Go Explore

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New Prints, Totes and Mugs at Society6!

Hey y'all! Hope everyone out there is keeping warm. I don't know where you're from, but here in Winnipeg it is really really really cold. Like Ice-Ice-Baby-Cold. Like Ice-Cube-and-Ice-T-shaking-hands-in-a-freezer cold. Like Dr. Freeze-eating-an-icream-cone-on-an-iceberg cold. You know? Pretty unbearable. But, it can't last forever, right? I got to put together some new illustrations for my Society6… Continue reading New Prints, Totes and Mugs at Society6!

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May Birthstone Print – Emerald

I don't know what it is about Emeralds, but they always remind me of Elizabeth Taylor. I think she had a huge sapphire though, didn't she? Something about Emeralds. Maybe it's because they look extra lovely with dark haired ladies, I think. Here's the 1870's poem about Emeralds as a birthstone: Who first beholds the… Continue reading May Birthstone Print – Emerald

Deal of the Week!

Deal of the week!

It's that time again, time to buy some art at an excellent price. This week I'm featuring a beaut titled "Grey Swedish Tree" that is 20" square in diameter. It's a very simple, graphic painting of a tree using a subtle grey as the background and some muted blues and greens as leaves with a… Continue reading Deal of the week!