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New Dog Tags!

They're finally here!! I'm so excited to list my new super cute dog tags in my Etsy shop last week! It's been so incredibly busy over here lately it's hard to get a handle on Etsy stuff, but I'm super proud of these new designs and wanted to share them ASAP. The first new cute… Continue reading New Dog Tags!

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Only Dog Can Judge Me Necklace

Another idea from the archive has come to life as a necklace! This one is a matte gold coloured charm on a 18" antique brass chain. Like I mentioned in my previous post I have a bunch of new chains coming in soon, so I'll be able to give some options, or if one looks… Continue reading Only Dog Can Judge Me Necklace

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NEW! 5 New Iron on Patch Designs!

How-dily Ho-dily, It's summer! And you know what that means?! Time to iron stuff onto your clothes! Who's excited? Me!! I've got 5 new patch designs in my Etsy shop, 4 of them are animals and one of them is a plant. The way it SHOULD be. Let's get started with the first design. Life… Continue reading NEW! 5 New Iron on Patch Designs!

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As Seen On Dog Milk

Well, as I'm sure you all know I love dogs.┬áLike, I relate to every one of those Buzzfeed lists about being obsessed with dogs. They're so cute and happy and fun, I don't know how you couldn't love them! My love of dogs has trickled over onto my design work, as you can see in… Continue reading As Seen On Dog Milk

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Only Dog Can Judge Me

Got inspired and designed a few new patches. Gotta hold off on sending them all to print because of $$, if you want to see them, follow me on Instagram! (link on the right) But I'm an incredibly impatient person, so I put the Corgi design up on Society6 right away because what a cute… Continue reading Only Dog Can Judge Me

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New Embroidered Patch – My Dog Is My BAE

Hey! I just released my second patch dedicated to the love of my life - Gomez! If you're looking to buy one of your own to show your fuzzy barking dog son or daughter how much you love them you can buy them on my etsy store, here.

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Etsy Shop Sale!

Whoa things are getting crazy up in here. For a limited time I'm offering a second print from my etsy shop for $5. So what will happen is you'll buy one print, then buy the item listed as the $5 print, tell me which one you want in the "notes to seller", then you get… Continue reading Etsy Shop Sale!