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New Desktop Wallpaper

Who needs a new fresh desktop wallpaper to celebrate Spring (it's coming, I swear?). This one is inspired by one of my fav Rolling Stones songs, She's a Rainbow. And right now one of my fav colour combos is like an earthy pinky muted shade mixed with a super light mint green. What do you… Continue reading New Desktop Wallpaper

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Woo Hoo!

Oh hi, I made a new little typography design, it's pretty and fun, like you. If you were a newsletter subscriber you could get a free copy as a desktop wallpaper I'll be sending out with the next newsletter. If you're not you can check it out on the Society6 page, or my TeePublic page.… Continue reading Woo Hoo!

Free desktop wallpaper by Kodiak Milly It's a Great Day to have a Great Day
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New! Free Desktop Wallpaper

Hi there! So it's the end of January and you sort of want to crawl into a cave and sleep until Spring, right? Same. Wow January is the worst, we just gotta try to make the best of it even though it's so cold outside right now you might die* if you go outside for… Continue reading New! Free Desktop Wallpaper


The Craft Desktop Wallpaper

In celebration of Halloween and how awesome the movie The Craft is I've made a series of free desktop wallpapers. If you love it a lot, either donate or you can purchase a digital download of the 8"x10" print. View the desktop wallpapers on my Desktop Wallpaper page. Thanks!

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Happy Sunday! Hope you're able to make it to a monster truck rally. So how was the weekend? Fast? Me too. On the bright side though it was somewhat productive. I was able to get a few little things done with my sister yesterday, such as buying a new flower pot for the front step… Continue reading Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

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My first Smashing Magazine submission

So in an attempt to become rich and/or famous I've decided to create a wallpaper submission for Smashing Magazine. It's hard to try to be creative with a million things to do, being drained from work, and a soft couch complete with biting pom waiting for you, but I did what I could. I figure… Continue reading My first Smashing Magazine submission