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Go Explore

Hello there! The weather has dipped down a little bit here making it a little chilly, but the plants are still coming up and the trees and budding and flowers are blossoming. It's really lovely. Everything is turning green and pretty. I love spring, for so many obvious reasons including leaving the house without being… Continue reading Go Explore

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Take Me To The Lake

There is definitely a theme to my design work lately, and that theme is wanting to get somewhere warm. I know, I just came back from vacation, but can you really ever get enough? The short answer is no. I seriously need to start buying some lottery tickets. Here's the latest, a simple demand to… Continue reading Take Me To The Lake

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Happy To Be In Wasagaming

More daydreaming this week with a design based on one of the loveliest places on earth, Wasagaming, Manitoba. Also known as Clear Lake within Riding Mountain National Park - Wasagaming is a small little town with a few shops, restaurants, a movie theatre, and most importantly a couple of ice cream shops. It's on Clear… Continue reading Happy To Be In Wasagaming

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No Excuses… Well, Fewer Excuses…

Hello there, It has been a long, long time since my last post which was in Spring. I always said once I got a new computer I would be able to post more since my old one was unable to do updates and there were no supported web browsers. Here I am, with a new… Continue reading No Excuses… Well, Fewer Excuses…


Vacation’s Over!

It's amazing how quickly the time spent on vacation speeds by faster than a Winnipegger to a discount. I had a beautiful week off, spent doing the things I love to do, watching tv game shows (namely Family Feud, and Supermarket Sweep), eating delicious food I didn't have to prepare (one of the joys associated… Continue reading Vacation’s Over!


Back from vacay, time to try and catch up

I'm baaack! Actually I was back on Monday, but have been absolutely overwhelmed with things to do this week. Work gets pretty cray with all the events and means a lot of working overtime, which is fun, but means home time things, such as cleaning and cuddling Pomeranians gets put to the back of the… Continue reading Back from vacay, time to try and catch up