Modern Nature Illustrations on Society6

Hey y'all! Happy Sunday. I've been recovering from a cold and a hangover but am feeling pretty spry and ready to design and illustrate. I have a new pin in mind I'm going to start right away, but had some modern nature illustrations on my mind with nice 90's palettes. There's also free shipping on… Continue reading Modern Nature Illustrations on Society6

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Summer Love Design Series

Welcome back to the blog! I've been posting a bunch lately because I had a day off, and it's nice to catch up on promoting some of my new designed. Someone's gotta do it, right? The smoke from Saskatchewan has been giving me asthma attacks (not really), so I have to find inside work to… Continue reading Summer Love Design Series

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No Hurries No Worries

I'm back from California! Sadly it is snowing. It's been a tough reacclimatization period these last few days. Before I left it was hovering in the +10's Celsius I believe, the day after I got back it was snowing. Ahhh, well. I had a really wonderful time in California, travelling around the OC, staying in Newport… Continue reading No Hurries No Worries