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Painting Sale!

Hey, I'm moving in a couple of weeks and would really like to get rid of some paintings so I don't have to move them again! These are final sale. They're also first come first serve, so whoever emails me first and wants something gets it! Also these are for pick up only from my… Continue reading Painting Sale!

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New Paintings For Sale

Hello! I was busy this weekend having a lot of fun making some art! I thought I would share them with the internet before they went up for sale in Double D's Cheesecake. I have to hustle to support my antique lamp addiction, you know? Spaced The first one I made is really cool and I… Continue reading New Paintings For Sale

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A Sale Because I Like You

Want to jazz up your home for the holiday season and tell people, "Hey! I'm an intellectual who appreciates art!" Well now you can while saving 30% of your hard-earned cash! From now until Dec. 21 I'm offering 30% off my paintings if you live in Winnipeg and Brandon. Check out my Facebook art page… Continue reading A Sale Because I Like You

My neato friends

The talented Ms. Mcpherson: Charleswood Posters

I am happy to say that I have a Motley Crue of friends. They're all weirdos, but in very special ways. Some are obsessed with outer space, others love Nick Cage & Mortal Kombat, one talks to crows, others with owning the largest dogs available, and some are obsessed with Leonardo Dicaprio (oh wait, that's… Continue reading The talented Ms. Mcpherson: Charleswood Posters

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Spring’s the Thing

I decided to paint something inspired by the colours that I've been loving coming up on my pinterest account. There seems to be a lot of warm pinks, creams, soft blues and neon colours happening. Neons are sort of awesome, but they definitely need a foundation that isn't crazy or harsh to look pretty, I… Continue reading Spring’s the Thing

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Deal of the week, y’all!

Long time no deal, since I actually forgot for a period of time. Anyhoo, how about this to knock your socks off. The Fox & Butterfly painting that is 2'x3' acrylic on canvas, originally $190 on sale for $125!! Whoooaaa! Right? Check it: