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Goldblum & Keanu 4 Ever

Oh hi, thanks for visiting. I wanting to put a little note into the world about two new pins I just released on my Etsy shop! They both inspired by mega-talented amazingly cool actors! The first one is of course of the magical Jeff Goldblum. As the founder of The Jeff Goldblum Appreciation Society it… Continue reading Goldblum & Keanu 4 Ever


Happy International Women’s Day!

Oh hello ladies! Today is our day, I don't want to get into a big long conversation about Women's rights because honestly I should be working cause this woman has got to get paid! But I wanted to give a shout out to all the strong ladies in my life. My two tough as nails… Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day!

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Try Try Again

I decided to do something new with my next round of packaging for patches for Kodiak Milly. And that's to create a little mini print as the backing card instead of just something branded. I want people to be able to keep it and put it on their wall or their fridge instead of just… Continue reading Try Try Again

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Nothing Works Unless You Do Quote Print

In celebration of the great Maya Angelou's birthday today I decided to pick one of her many inspirational quotes and illustrate it. Today was a very anxiety ridden day, and it was a good reminder that when you feel stuck, the only thing you can do is keep working. Giving up feels better in the… Continue reading Nothing Works Unless You Do Quote Print

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Door Decals – No Scrubs / Go Away

I just realized I haven't posted about my super hawt door decals! They're in chrome gold, so they're mega shiny. There are currently two designs. No Flyers, No Solicitors, No Scrubs (buy here) and Go Away in a little banner flag (buy here). These vinyl decals are best installed on glass or metal, preferably protected… Continue reading Door Decals – No Scrubs / Go Away

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How to Install a decal!

Hey! you're probably here because you bought a decal from me. Thanks!  Thinking about buying a decal, but haven't? You can shop here. You can download a pdf of instructions here, or keep reading. TERMS Vinyl - this is what the decal is made out of Premask - this is the sticky paper material covering… Continue reading How to Install a decal!

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Fresh Finds – Monday Edition

Okay, so I try to do this on Fridays, because it sounds better. But, let's be honest I had time now and didn't want to wait until this coming Friday. So usually I like to just post a bunch of random stuff I love, so I'm just gonna go ahead and do that now:' Looking… Continue reading Fresh Finds – Monday Edition


FREE Desktop Wallpapers – Spring 2017

Heya! I haven't had time for anything lately, but I had a little time today due to illness to make something fun. I just created a new desktop wallpaper selection to brighten up your screen. Take a look theres a few sizes over on the Desktop Wallpaper page for you to download. If you really… Continue reading FREE Desktop Wallpapers – Spring 2017