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Summer On My Mind

It may be daylight savings, it may be my current obsession with neon, it may be my upcoming trip to California, or it may be that I'm just completely fed up with wearing boots and a heavy winter coat everywhere, but I've got summer-brain. I seem to have completely skipped over spring, which is actually… Continue reading Summer On My Mind

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Holiday Gift Guide: Crystal edition

Hello there! I stumbled across someone's easy shop and I was so totally blown away with her work that I had to dedicate a blog post to her work, and others along a theme. I can't speak for the people you know, but I can speak for myself and I would be happy to recieve… Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide: Crystal edition

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The Wish List: May 2013

May has been a bit of an odd month; work has been crazy, trying to get anything accomplished has been like running in sand, the weather has gone from cold to hot to rainy and miserable. May is one of those months that can either be fantastic or a drag. So far this May has… Continue reading The Wish List: May 2013

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Birthday List!

Here is my birthday list for all y'all who will be buying me lovely gifts for my champagne birthday! Thank you Thank you Thank you in advance. Diana Mini & Flash Coral Fusion camera. Because A) It's coral B) I can take photos of Gomez. C) It's coral. Available here. Rifle Paper Co. (my fav… Continue reading Birthday List!

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Wish List December 15th!

It's been a while since a post! It seems like I've been very busy doin' some crafts, workin' some overtime, hangin' with peeps and what not. I've been trying really hard to get a good start on Christmas shopping, and I've got a few people done, but I am feeling a little bit anxious about… Continue reading Wish List December 15th!

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Winter Wish List – Crazy Stuff

Practical stuff is so BORING! Even if I could afford the things on the practical list posted last week I probably wouldn't buy any of them because then I'd have the money to buy some of this foolish stuff: It may not be incredibly expensive, but it seems so silly. Silly and awesome sometimes co-exist.… Continue reading Winter Wish List – Crazy Stuff

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Winter wish list – Practical

Over the many brutal winters I've learned an important lesson, one my mom has been saying to me my whole life and up until a few years ago, I ignored. Winter sucks, and sometimes fashion has to suffer. I really hate wearing ugly winter boots every single day, I hate having to wear a toque… Continue reading Winter wish list – Practical

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11-11-11 Time to win the lottery!

Eleven happens to be my lucky number. I was born on the 11th month, the date of my birth was 29 (2+9=11) and my birth year is '83 (8+3=11). It's a fun number. My dream was to be in Vegas on 11-11-11 to be gambling on my most lucky of days, but alas it was… Continue reading 11-11-11 Time to win the lottery!

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Wish List – August 12

I adore Spring, and I love Summer, but having said that Fall is my favourite fashion season. We got back to deep rich tones, more work appropriate styles and a generally more sophisticated wardrobe. I don't go all out like I want to when fall comes around, but if I could, here's some of the… Continue reading Wish List – August 12