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First Dibs Pop-Up Shop

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news! I'll be a part of a small pop-up shop in Winnipeg before Christmas. I'll be selling candles, bath soak, prints, christmas present tags, and some little paintings. If you want to come out it will be on December 13 at 103 Princess Street on the 4th floor in… Continue reading First Dibs Pop-Up Shop

Milly Pom candles

Milly Pom Available at The Forks!

Hello all! I have some good news! Milly Pom candles will be available at the new store at The Forks called Generation Green. These candles will be soy wax, reusing existing vessels (as always - such as old glasses and candy dishes) and will be scented using 100% essential oils. The numbers are limited, because… Continue reading Milly Pom Available at The Forks!

Milly Pom candles

Milly Pom Candles for sale

I have 5 new Milly Pom candles available! I ran out of wax, so it'll be a few weeks before I get the chance to make more. If you're ineterested in any of them email me at before I put them up on etsy:

Milly Pom candles

Milly Pom @ The Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba (AGSM)

Bonjour! That means "hello" in french. Bet you didn't know that, right? I'm so continental. Listen, some exciting news has just come across the Milly Pom desk. Milly Pom candles are now available at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba! Candles, candles that look like these: Take a look at the AGSM website here. You… Continue reading Milly Pom @ The Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba (AGSM)

Milly Pom candles

Glitz Gallery Flash Sale

That's Right, Glitz Gallery on Academy is having a flash sale. Why? It's their anniversary and they're celebrating by discounting all regularly priced merchandise by 20%. When? How about this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. When-When? 10 am - 6 pm Thursday and Friday & 10 am - 5 pm Saturday. Does this mean that remaining… Continue reading Glitz Gallery Flash Sale

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A Finely Crafted Sale – Park Theatre December 2011

The date is quickly approaching for A Finely Crafted Sale (Formerly known as this ain't your grandma's craft sale). I've been working super hard getting my items together, there's going to be a lot of great gift ideas at very reasonable prices for even the hardest to please. I'm very excited to release some new… Continue reading A Finely Crafted Sale – Park Theatre December 2011

Milly Pom candles

New Milly Pom candles

I spent most of the day Sunday making candles, I got to use some of the new scents I ordered. The especially amazing smelling ones are passionfruit and cherry-lime. I will be dropping some of the candles off at Glitz Gallery soon, so check them out there when you get a chance or contact me… Continue reading New Milly Pom candles

Milly Pom candles

Milly Pom at Di Erbe!

Milly Pom candles are now available at Di Erbe at 111 Marion street in Winnipeg. Go and buy some today! In other exciting candle-related news I just got in some new scents, including: watermelon cotton candy cherry lemongrass mimosa amberwood green apple passion fruit So you have even more to look forward to in the… Continue reading Milly Pom at Di Erbe!

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Milly Pom candles at the Forum Art Fest!

Hello everyone, if you're looking for a place to pick up some of my candles check out the Forum Art Fest at the Forum Art Centre! There is a variety of scents and vessels that you will obviously love. Here are the details: