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Grand Overlook Hotel Keychains

If you know me, you know that I'm a big Wes Anderson fan. It's really hard to pick a movie, but I guess based on the fact I have a Grand Budapest Hotel inspired tattoo on me, that would be it. There's something about the movies he makes, and the places he creates, that's so… Continue reading Grand Overlook Hotel Keychains

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Scout Training Camp Sparkle Patches!

Ever wanted to be a Sailor Scout? Me too. When I was a kid I used to watch Sailor Moon as much as possible. I guess I must have been about 8 or 9? YTV used to carry the first pile of seasons, until it got too saucy. My first trip onto the internet was… Continue reading Scout Training Camp Sparkle Patches!

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The Universe Quote Print by Stephen Hawking

In light of the amazing Stephen Hawking passing I decided to design a print based off of one of his quotes. It says: "It wouldn't be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love." Then I drew some super scientific planets, and the sun and the moon, who are close… Continue reading The Universe Quote Print by Stephen Hawking

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Neon Lunch – 1990s Pattern

Hey y'all! I've been having a hard time desiging new stuff, lots of life things happening at the moment that make it really hard to concentrate and be creative, you know? Anyways I finally did get a little something together. It's a pattern I call Neon Lunch. It's not because you're going to be eating… Continue reading Neon Lunch – 1990s Pattern

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Door Decals – No Scrubs / Go Away

I just realized I haven't posted about my super hawt door decals! They're in chrome gold, so they're mega shiny. There are currently two designs. No Flyers, No Solicitors, No Scrubs (buy here) and Go Away in a little banner flag (buy here). These vinyl decals are best installed on glass or metal, preferably protected… Continue reading Door Decals – No Scrubs / Go Away

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Protect Ya Neck

Hey there! I have a couple of new things coming up in the etsy shop these days. This one is the Wu Tang Clan inspired Protect Ya Neck necklace. It features a retro inspired design, antique gold colour polish, and a long high quality 18" chain.   It's $23 CAD + shipping, but if you… Continue reading Protect Ya Neck

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Scaredy Cat – Cute Black Cat Illustration

Hey! I FINALLY had time to draw something! It's been partially I've been really ill over two weeks, and then I guess busy with etsy before that? I'm not sure, but it feels like I've had 0 time for anything. Anyways, hopefully I get better, and hopefully I get to draw more. Here's a sketchy… Continue reading Scaredy Cat – Cute Black Cat Illustration

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How to Install a decal!

Hey! you're probably here because you bought a decal from me. Thanks!  Thinking about buying a decal, but haven't? You can shop here. You can download a pdf of instructions here, or keep reading. TERMS Vinyl - this is what the decal is made out of Premask - this is the sticky paper material covering… Continue reading How to Install a decal!

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Gimme Flair on Refinery29 Talk Mental Health

Something really cool happened yesterday, Summer Allen who runs Gimme Flair talked with Refinery29 about mental health awareness and some of the makers who are creating a conversation using humour. It's a hard thing to talk about, but I agree with her by having a sense of humour about it and accepting who you are you can… Continue reading Gimme Flair on Refinery29 Talk Mental Health

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Kodiak Milly now available in Toronto & Ottawa!

Hey everyone! Big news, if you're in Toronto or Ottawa you can now pick up Kodiak Milly products from Victoire Boutique! Check out their website to find their locations, or you can shop online and grab some other cool stuff while you're at it 😉 Wondering where else you can buy in person? Take a… Continue reading Kodiak Milly now available in Toronto & Ottawa!