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Super Sage Advice About Menfolk

I'm not usually the type of person to give advice, because heck, I don't know what I'm doing either. And I would have incredible amounts of guilt if I were to make things worse, which my advice almost certainly would. I'm not going into details about my personal life, that's saved for my best pals.… Continue reading Super Sage Advice About Menfolk

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As Seen on Loquevenmisojos

Hello! I was lucky enough to be featured on loquevenmisojos which is a Spanish fashion blog. It's so amazing to see people around the world enjoying my designs! I got a message on Instagram the other day saying at a tattoo parlour in France the artist brought up my Bummed Shark patch as reference for… Continue reading As Seen on Loquevenmisojos

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Life Isn’t a Competition

Just finished a little design for my Society6 shop that I'd like to share. As a designer I follow and enjoy tons of other artists work, and it's hard sometimes not to look at someone else's art and compare it to yours. Then get real sad about how talented they are and how you'll never… Continue reading Life Isn’t a Competition

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Society 6 favs

I've got a bit more free time on my hands and rather than use it on things that I should I've decided to curate some things from Society6. Check 'em out, you can use the links to go directly to the products. And BTW use the code "SOMELTY" for 15% off and free shipping. Bury… Continue reading Society 6 favs

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Society6 $10 off!

Hey, while my etsy shop is closed for the Canada Post strike you can still get some of my cool stuff on my Society6 page! While you're at it you can also get $10 off when you spend $20 or more (new customers only). Use this special link to activate. If you've shopped with Society6… Continue reading Society6 $10 off!

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New Designs on Society6!

Hey! I've had some free time (well, not really, I should be cleaning) to make some new designs! They're kind of all over the map, we got some mountains, some sleepy stuff and some angry stuff in pastels! Check them out here 🙂