A finely crafted sale – featuring moi

I found out last week that I've been accepted to be in A finely Crafted Sale taking place December 4 from 6pm-10pm at the Park theatre. I'm really excited as it will be my first craft sale! The event is normally under the name "This ain't your grandmas craft sale" or something along those lines,… Continue reading A finely crafted sale – featuring moi


Felt bead necklaces

I've always loved felt and finally got the chance to make something out of it. Take a look at these felt bead necklaces I've made. The actual necklace is leather round lace and closes with a lobster claw closure. I'm selling these for $17 each, email me at for info on how to buy,… Continue reading Felt bead necklaces


DIY Terrarium

I was looking through Real Simple magazine on the weekend and saw an image of a really beautiful room and what made it especially nice was a terrarium: It mentioned a how to link on a blog and I thought, okay that's really cool, and apparently it's not as hard as you'd think it might… Continue reading DIY Terrarium

Craftiness, Gomez

Homemade garden markers + Gomez

While my boyfriend was away on a trip I decided to plant him the herb garden he wanted because I'm an excellent girlfriend. Plus herbs are the best, like literally, they can turn a crappy meal into something wonderful just by showing up. Anyways, so I plant this herb garden and I put these ugly… Continue reading Homemade garden markers + Gomez

Craftiness, Milly Pom candles

Milly Pom candles at the Forum Art Fest!

Hello everyone, if you're looking for a place to pick up some of my candles check out the Forum Art Fest at the Forum Art Centre! There is a variety of scents and vessels that you will obviously love. Here are the details:

Craftiness, Milly Pom candles

Candles for sale!

I finally had some time to get some candles made and they are FOR SALE! They're all 100% soy wax with a wick that has no metal in it. The vessels are mostly vintage items hand-picked by yours truly. Email me at if you're interested in any: