Moon Necklaces – New Jewellery in my Etsy Shop!

New modern necklaces inspired by the moon man available now in my etsy shop!


Feeling Lazy?

Who isn't! I just listed a series of hand-painted Particle Party necklaces on my etsy shop!¬†What does this have to be with being lazy you might ask? Well, here's what I'm thinking. If you have to buy something for Valentine's Day why not get it all at the same place, and the best part is… Continue reading Feeling Lazy?

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Getting’ Geared Up

Hello there, I have been gearing up for the 1st Dibs Pop-Up shop happening on December 13th and am having a great time! I've got bath soak in 4 fragrances Relaxi Taxi (lavender), Mint Condition (chocolate mint), Flower Child (Jasmin), Juicy Fruit (grapefruit), and It's Herbal, Man (Eucalyptus and Lavender). I also will have something… Continue reading Getting’ Geared Up

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First Dibs Pop-Up Shop

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news! I'll be a part of a small pop-up shop in Winnipeg before Christmas. I'll be selling candles, bath soak, prints, christmas present tags, and some little paintings. If you want to come out it will be on December 13 at 103 Princess Street on the 4th floor in… Continue reading First Dibs Pop-Up Shop


I Can’t Knit

But that's ok. I've gotten to the age where I can accept and embrace the things that I don't know how to do, or can't do. I don't need to be able to do everything, if I could get better at the things I CAN do I think that's a better use of my time.… Continue reading I Can’t Knit


DIY Garden Ornaments

The other day I was thinking about my garden, and I was thinking how much I love when gardens are full of bright blooms and are really colourful. The problem is that it's impossible to have your garden always being pretty and bright because, well, everything blooms at different times, and if one thing in… Continue reading DIY Garden Ornaments


DIY Valentines with a Free Printable Template

Good day! Last year I made some DIY Valentine's cards with a printable template that included a space to put a sucker. You can view it here. This year I decided to make things a little more fancy (aka complicated). The valentines are pretty easy to make and aren't going to cost a lot to… Continue reading DIY Valentines with a Free Printable Template


Back from France!

Bonjour!... is about all I know in French. France was fun! aside from the cold rain and getting sick while there. I ate a lifetime's worth of bread and cheese and got to experience what a big family celebration is over there. A good time was had by all. Now that I'm back I feel… Continue reading Back from France!


Free DIY valentine’s print template

Happy Saturday! I had a few minutes this afternoon and thought it would be cool to put together some free DIY valentines for people to print out. They're pretty simple, don't use a lot of ink, and are pretty platonic so they would be nice to take to work. What you will require: suckers, a… Continue reading Free DIY valentine’s print template

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A Finely Crafted Sale – Park Theatre December 2011

The date is quickly approaching for A Finely Crafted Sale (Formerly known as this ain't your grandma's craft sale). I've been working super hard getting my items together, there's going to be a lot of great gift ideas at very reasonable prices for even the hardest to please. I'm very excited to release some new… Continue reading A Finely Crafted Sale – Park Theatre December 2011