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Why Not Print by Karen Domingo

Hey! I wanted to share this beautiful print I just bought from a lady named Karen Domingo through the people at Type Gang. Most of the money I make from my etsy store I spend on other people's work (probably not a good way to retire), anyways supporting other designers/typographers/small shops is a good thing!… Continue reading Why Not Print by Karen Domingo

A few of my favourite things

Fresh Finds Friday – Parima Studio

The person I'm featuring this week is named Patricia Vargas, the lady behind Parima Studio. Lately I've been seeing a lot of splashy watercolour and acrylic looking abstract paintings that have made their way into interior design.

A few of my favourite things

Springy Scent

I don't know about y'all, but I love Lily of the Valley. I have a whole pile of them beside the house. They're so lovely because they smell fantastic and require little to no attention. They spread like a diddly, so if you plant them, make sure you're okay with them traveling a bit. Lily… Continue reading Springy Scent

A few of my favourite things

Newly Obsessed

It has been several months of "blaaaaaaahhhh" here in Winnipeg. The weather has been relentless and there are snowbanks in my back yard that are literally 7' tall. It feels like they will never melt. I know I haven't been the only one feeling this way. There's a generally aire of sadness mixed with anger… Continue reading Newly Obsessed

A few of my favourite things

Quick Pick: Berry D’Orsay flats

Remember when you could go ouside in shoes? I'm in Winnipeg, so to answer my own question: No. Someday I will get to wear shoes again, and until then I will dream of these berry and tan coloured D'orsay flats from Citizen, available through Anthropologie.

Monty Python Silly Walks greeting card
A few of my favourite things

Have You Nerd?

Some purely nerdy picks that I don't know how I'm living without: Next time you simply need to walk into Mordor you'll know the way in with the help of this Middle Earth infinity scarf from Nerd Alert Creations on Etsy. I used to own this kilt pin for about 2 days, then it fell… Continue reading Have You Nerd?

A few of my favourite things

Quick Picks

Here's some random stuff that you might like. Polymer clay and leather necklace. Don't the little red beads remind you of those berries that appear on trees this time of year that you used to squish by the bundle as a kid and make a horrible mess of your shoes? This colour combo is not… Continue reading Quick Picks