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New Risograph Prints!

Oh wow, more new stuff guys!

I got two brand new risograph prints in my shop. This is my first ever risograph print I’ve ever made and I am absolutely thrilled with how they turned out. I wish I had some pics of them framed, but as I’ve mentioned a million times before I have exactly 0 seconds of free time these days. I’m working on it though!! Just got to hit up Michaels on day and get some frames!

Ok so back to the prints. I chose two ink colours, they’re put on with rollers! So cool. These were printed in Toronto which is really neat too!

I went with a classic combo of neon pink and cobalt blue. The colours look a little weird in the photos, I was really struggling to get a good representation of the colours, but they’re so pretty in real life.

The first design is “Dogs Dogs Dogs” because, of course. If you don’t love dogs then take off.

Dogs risograph print by Kodiak Milly4.JPG

Dogs risograph print by Kodiak Milly2.JPG

Then the second print is “Live Slow Die Old” which is one of my fav mantras. I want to smell the roses, take slow walks, look at clouds and shit and live to be 100.


Live Slow Die Old Risograph print by Kodiak Milly2.JPG

They’re both on my Etsy, click here to shop!

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