So many new things…


I wanted to share with you some new stuff I’ve been working on! Take a lookie-loo below:

The Human Fund – Money for People design that George Costanza would be proud to wear, available on my Tee Public:


Other people might have something like “This might be wine” on their cute mugs at the office, why not take it too far with: “This might be Four Loko” mug? It’s available on my Tee Public:

This Might Be Four Loko Mug.jpg

Who could forget dear rat boy? What? Your son is also named Bort? This guy is also available on my Tee Public page:


Don’t Blame Me, I voted for Kodos. Go with the greater of two evils this election season and take a chance on Kang, available on my TeePublic:


Proud moms wouldn’t be caught dead without this t-shirt exclaiming that you dog or cat is actually the World’s Finest! You can buy it here:

Mother of the world's finest cat.jpg


Thanks for stopping by, and always make sure to sign up for the newsletter and share some of your favs on Pinterest!

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