Happy International Women’s Day!

Oh hello ladies!

Today is our day, I don’t want to get into a big long conversation about Women’s rights because honestly I should be working cause this woman has got to get paid!


But I wanted to give a shout out to all the strong ladies in my life.

My two tough as nails grandmas who proved that they don’t need no man by taking care of business on their own, even when both were raised in a time when women were seen as lesser humans. One took after a farm full of chickens, cows, and most importantly doggos and kitties. The other one has battled almost every illness there is and is still kicking and being an independent lady at 94! She reminds me a lot of Queen Elizabeth, not just because they have the same name, but they’re both extra tough and have a no nonsense demeanour.

My mom who somehow (insert shocked meme face) managed to run an at home daycare for I think 30+ years. Honestly, how? I could run a daycare for about 0.2 seconds, and that would be pushing it. I would rather be sent to the moon without a space suit. At the same time she had a magical singing voice (we can harmonize as good as The Everly Brothers)*, keep a house as clean as a damn hospital, and is pretty much fearless (unless there’s a mouse in the equation). She’s not afraid to take risks, which is a trait I admire, and don’t have. She’s been the home reno visionary, while the rest of us would have gladly accepted defeat than put in the amount of work she’s willing to do.

My sister who was able to get her groove back after a divorce, who would beat up anyone that bugged me when we grew up. She loves cats and every shade of grey that exists.

I got a best bud who runs her own design business, my other best buds run side hustles that I’m constantly in awe of all of their creativity, passion, and talent. They also somehow seem to embody the resilience I admire more than any trait a person can have.

I’m pretty darn lucky to be surrounded by such an incredible circle of women. I’m sure a lot of us are.

Here’s a lil joke to end this post on, I didn’t write it, but its a good one:

They finally found something that does the work of 4 men!

One woman.

Oh and while I was supposed to be working and earning money to pay my bills I was goofing off and making a Playlist of some of my favourite singers/songs. I’m 100% positive there’s someone I’ve missed that I will feel stupid about, but ENJOY IT ANYWAYS!

Suffragette photo credit here.

*We unfortunately have the same worst singing voice

OHHH PPS – I put a bunch of stuff on sale in my Etsy shop for today only!

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