Kodiak Milly Etsy Store

Special Coupon Code!

Oh hi there,

You’re probably wondering what all the hub-bub is about. Well, I just made my 6,000 sale on Etsy and it feels pretty good. Usually I don’t celebrate these milestones because I’m too busy keeping me head down trying to think of the next dumb idea to make.

This time I noticed, and I wanted to make a special coupon code for the ULTIMATE KODIAK MILLY FANS.

It’ll be 25% off the whole store, for two days only. February 14 + 15.

You’re probably asking how do I get the special code, Kristen? Also, why’d I have the bowl Bart?


Well, the code will be sent out through my e-newsletter, so you gotta sign up now!

Thanks for coming by and for all the support. It’s hard to believe that 6,000 orders of my stupid stuff has gone out into the world. It’s nice, and I appreciate it.

Thanks, friends.


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