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Sharing is Caring

Hi there! This is a post meant for my fellow small makers!

As you may or may not know I hate Instagram, and Facebook is completely useless at this point thanks to algorithms and the enforced “pay to play” viewing on both platforms.

If you’re wondering why I hate Instagram, well there’s a lot of reasons. Mostly I miss chronological order, where I was able to see what people I followed posted (I follow them for a reason, thanks). Now I log on and see the same 10 accounts over and over and it’s super boring and I hate it.

I’ve also seen a ton of my favourite artists struggling to make a living because their work just isn’t being seen anymore. It’s really sad to think that a greedy corporation’s business model is actually putting really great artists out of work.

Listen, I know nothing is free, and I get it. If you want to place ads in my feed, fine, that’s life, I get it. But in the process of “making instagram better” for it’s users it’s totally backfired and made it awful, despite what Instagrams spin team keeps putting out into the media. Trust us! People love the changes! Oh, really, seller of people’s personal information without their knowledge? I totally believe what you’re trying to cram down our throats.

Anyhoo! I really needed to get that off my chest because it’s super frustrating, not just for me, but I’ve seen so many people struggling it sucks!

If you don’t want to listen to me rant, start reading here!

I’m gonna get to the point now, and my point is this. I think Pinterest is our last hope, fellow small designers and artists. There are ads in pinterest, but the nice thing about it is that you don’t just post there, and then it gets seen by 20 people, and then it dies, like Instagram or Facebook. The whole point of Pinterest is to share! So once you’ve posted, if you image gets shared it gets legs, and then it can spread like a very beautiful virus. lol. I’m a wizard with words, I know.

The tricky thing about Pinterest is that if your image doesn’t get shared, it can kind of fizzle out and die. The nice thing about Pinterest is you don’t have to have a lot of followers on it. People go onto the platform and search stuff, so you can get repinned without having to get that person as a follower.

So what’s point? Well, my point is this. I’ve joined with Tailwind, which I’m using the free version, it has a lot of restrictions this way, but I’m still trying to see if it would be worth paying for.

Tailwind is basically a scheduler of social media posts. If you’re super organized than that’s great you can use it like that. If you’re like me and are flying by the seat of your pants, you might enjoy it more how I’m using it.

I’m using the Pinterest Tribes function. Like I said, I’m using the free version, so it’s pretty restricted how much you can do. The concept is GREAT, but I’m finding most people aren’t using tribes properly.

Here’s how it works, and what I mean. So “tribes” are a group of like-minded pinners. The idea is you join a group and you submit images to the group, the group repins your work as they see fit, and then you do the same. It’s a great idea IN THEORY.

The unfortunate part is that the tribes I’ve joined, no one is repinning. Everyone is submitting work, but no one is repinning other peoples work, which defeats the whole point, Karen.

So what I was hoping to do is start a Tribe in Tailwind with a bunch of great people I know from the steaming pile of poop known as Instagram and get a proper Tribe going.

This doesn’t mean if you join you have to repin work you don’t like, but since we know each other and each others work, maybe it’ll work really well. I’m an optimist, what can I say?

The tribe I created is called “Pinners-Gonna-Pin”, so if you sign up for the free version of tailwind for Pinterest, come find me. Let’s make this work. We’re all in it together and I think if we can get some great people involved we’ll have a nice “tribe”. Here’s a direct link!

You can also sign up for the fancier, paid version of Tailwind if you’re really liking how it’s going and want to get more features. The unpaid version caps out on 30 Tribe pins a month.

Oh, and another cool feature is you can create pins right from Instagram! So those nice images you spent time posting onto Instagram that get seen by 5 people can go somewhere else now!


I also just recently watched an hour long video on how to make your pinterest work at it’s best so I thought I would share the knowledge so you don’t have to spend 60 minutes watching a video.

  1. Make sure your Pinterest boards are named properly, have a section, and a description. This is like the SEO for your Pinterest and will make you show up in searches.
  2. You can use hashtags now! Before you couldn’t, so make sure you’re adding relevant hashtags to your new posts
  3. New pins will show up more than old pins. If you have a blog or website where you’re pinning from, pin right away! Pinterest will give better search results to fresh pins, so once you’ve added it, pin it.
  4. Sign up for a business account and link your website. It’ll give you better analytics. Also you can boost posts if you want. I’ve had mediocre results with boosted pins, but it’s still better than instagram!


2 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring”

    1. You’re welcome! I hope it helps you out. I know the hardest part of being a small maker is getting your work in front of people, and these social media giants make it even harder. 🙂

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