Another Batch of Lovvvve!

Ok! Last (?) batch of Valentine’s Day Cards for ya! Or is it? I’m not sure to be honest I’m not really that organized. Anyhoo let’s get right into it, here are some sexy cards for your sexy butt.

Also, did you know you can get 15% off by signing up for my e-newsletter and using the super secret coupon code? Wow.

Mean Girls inspired Valentine's Day Love Card by Kodiak Milly
Does your loved one love Mean Girls? Well, have I got a card for you! A compliment and a joke all rolled into one, good job! You can purchase the card right here.
Funny Valentine's Day Card by Kodiak Milly - I Love You More Than Ranch
You know what Ranch is good on? Everything. That’s right. If you disagree I’m very sorry to inform you that you are wrong, and that’s sad. But maybe you could buy this card for your enlightened loved one? You can buy it here.
Funny Valentine's Day Love cards by Kodiak Milly on Etsy
What keeps you up at night? The economic crisis facing millennials? Trump destroying America? That volcano that might explode at any moment and destroy all of North America? Or is it THAT BUTT? Well, if you answered yes to the last one this card it perfect for you. You can buy it here.

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