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What Would Dolly Do?

Ok! So you’ve probably seen my design on Society6 for this saying? I have a couple designs:

This one:

what would dolly do tote bag by kodiak milly on society6.png

or this one:

What would dolly do mug by kodiak milly on society6.png

But I liked it so much I decided to make it into a pin! This What Would Dolly Do pin is available in two options. We’ve got a hard enamel option that’s black and antique brass colour. Or my favourite which is a antique brass and transparent red enamel!

I got the inspiration from the design from a couple things.

First of all from Dolly Parton herself. She’s sweet, funny, kind, beautiful, talented, and confident. Why wouldn’t anyone want to me more like Dolly? Honestly sometimes when I’m having a bad day or I’m getting salty I stop and I think to myself, what would Dolly do? It’s definitely not how I would react, so I try a little bit every day to be cooler like her. She really is an inspiration.

What’s funny about the design is that it sort of takes this gothic take to it, like she’s so sweet and bubbly and everything, and the design is sort of dark and serious in a juxtaposition. I thought it was funny, and I’m a very funny person, and a stable genius I might add.

The second inspo was, you guessed it, vintage victorian jewellery. I kept seeing these candy coloured enamel charms popping up on my instagram, which I LOVEEEEEE but can’t afford. So I was like what would happen if I tried to do something like that? Unfortunately the candy colours were not available, but red was, so I went for it, and I think it looks rad.

I can’t give credit for this image since it’s from Pinterest, but here’s an example of the transparent charms from the Victorian era:


THIS BE YOUR LUCKY STAR. I love it. I’m hearing this in an Irish accent. But also maybe a pirate?

Which version do you like better? Make sure you share one of these images on Pinterest if you want to do me a huge favour!

What would Dolly Do? enamel pins available here:

– Black
– Red


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