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Enough is as good as a Feast

Hello dudes and dudettes,

I wanted to share a new design with you available on my Society6 page, I found the quote in a fortune cookie and was like, whoa, that’s right!

The quote is by Sir Thomas Malory and it’s “Enough is as good as a feast” and I feel like it’s saying, you need to appreciate what you have, because your stomach can only be so full, and lots of people don’t have what you have.

I think in a nation where consumerism is king (and I’m guilty, love to shop), its nice to remind ourselves that we don’t need so much. It’s super hard when excess is literally EVERYWHERE and society defines success with financial wealth.

Anyways, I thought it was really nice and powerful and would look hecking good in a kitchen. I made it in a few different colours, so you can pick what would work in your home.

Also important to note that when you buy from Society6 you’re supporting small artists like me, helping them buy onions and pay the water bill (very specific, but so true)

Thanks for stopping by, and if you felt like helping a sister out, why not pin some of these images 🙂 Thanks again


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