Kodiak Milly Etsy Store

Pumpkin Spice Necklaces!

The house smells like spicy and sweet cinnamon, the house decor has a warm orange glow, the trees have shifted from green to bright yellows and deep mustard colours. You’re walking through the drizzly city in your cozy flannel shirt and fuzzy Uggs, and you smell it…the aroma of a spicy PSL wafting from the coffee shop on the corner.

Sound familiar? Well, you might be basic, but I prefer to be called “Extra Spicy” this time of year.

Are you excited to taste, smell, and become one with sizzling cinnamon? Become unhinged at the scent of ginger mingling with nutmeg? Same.


This vintage inspired love charm is the perfect gift for yourself, or your basic best friend (there’s special quantity pricing listed as an option). Buy it here!



Choose from 3 exciting finishes:

– Icing Sugar – pictured at the top right of the necklaces main photo. It’s a slightly shimmery pearl finish

– Cinnamon Spice – pictured at the top left of the necklaces main photo. Medium copper colour with a very slight glimmer

– Glossy Rose Gold – pictured at the bottom left of the necklaces main photo. Shiny warm rose gold finish

!!! Note that because the finishes are done by hand they’re all slightly different, each one will have variations !!!


Necklace is 16″ long, rose gold coloured, with a lobster claw closure and little flattened star spacers within the chair (very subtle and cute).

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