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NEW! 5 New Iron on Patch Designs!

How-dily Ho-dily,

It’s summer! And you know what that means?! Time to iron stuff onto your clothes! Who’s excited? Me!!

I’ve got 5 new patch designs in my Etsy shop, 4 of them are animals and one of them is a plant. The way it SHOULD be.

Let’s get started with the first design.

Life is Ruff:

This guy was designed as part of the circle doggo series, which I’ve just decided to name the series of patches that have this design. circular in shape, felt, dogs, squiggles, with words. He’s a pom like my little baby boy Gomez Napoleon. He’s got a big fluffy body, and little tiny face, and an alarming amount of sass. The patch has in lavender lettering “Life is Ruff” because isn’t it? When you’re a dog and all you have to worry about is when you’ll be eating your next treat? You can buy him here.


Dog Hair Everywhere:

There’s probably a stat somewhere that says how much dog hair humans consume in a year and boy, do I not want to know. Dog hair; it’s on your clothes, it’s on your furniture, it’s flying through the air, sometimes I find a Gomez hair (which is precious), tangled in my eyelashes. It’s ok because I think of dog hair as nature’s glitter. It’s on you, and it makes you better, because it came from a dog, and knowing a dog is the best thing in the world.

This doggo is some kind of Spaniel I think. He’s got those long silky ears you can pet for days. Maybe the hairs a little curly and it’s so shiny. What a good doggo.

You can buy this guy here.


Teeny Weenie:

This guy is also felt. He’s based off of a wiener dog, so long, so short. He’s walking ahead of you, you call his name, he looks back with his googly eye. It’s magic.

Or maybe you’re deep in the forest hunting down some magical rocks Neil Breen style, then Teeny Weenie stops walking, and points his head up, you’re now looking at a majestic Eagle. What a day.

You can buy this patch here.


Miss Mauve:

Miss Mauve is a sassy cat face, in a pretty lavender felt, with light pink, navy blue, and electric yellow embroidery. She’s sweet, sassy, and unpredictable.

You can buy her here.


Cacti Fam:

This new cactus patch is a weird one. I was doodling one day, like I love to do. And made this weird cactus family with tiny little faces. I loved them so much, and thought they were pretty special, so I made them into a patch. They’d be very pleased to live on your jacket, or backpack, or hat or whatever.

You can buy the whole fam here.


Thanks as always for looking, I make all these things from my heart, I hope they make you smile. Use coupon code “supersecret” to get a very special deal today and tomorrow 😉

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