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Scout Training Camp Sparkle Patches!

Ever wanted to be a Sailor Scout? Me too. When I was a kid I used to watch Sailor Moon as much as possible. I guess I must have been about 8 or 9? YTV used to carry the first pile of seasons, until it got too saucy.


My first trip onto the internet was because of Sailor Moon. I remember when the internet was first born, and no one had it, there was a man my dad knew who ran a computer repair business out of a super scary run down building on the cusp of downtown Brandon. My dad thought the internet was so cool he had me and my sister come down and check it out, I remember somehow finding Sailor Moon pictures (I can’t even remember how you would search things back then), and paying the guy $1 to print them. I also remember how SLOW looking at pictures was. We would click on an image (I guess it was a link?) and the image would slowly download and we could see only the top filling out, we waited anxiously to see if the image was print-worthy.


Sailor Moon is also the reason I started drawing, and how I learned to draw, in the first place. Me and my old best friend made our own comic book. I would draw one of the characters, she would draw the other. I remember it was called “Fire & Ice” but in Japanese, I just google translated and apparently it’s “Hi to kōri”, which doesn’t sound at all familiar, so we probably had it wrong. I don’t remember the story line, I’m sure it was ridiculous, but I think we did about 6 issues and they’re all in my parent’s basement. I think it would be TOO embarrassing to show people… what kind of story line could an 8 year old Kristen come up with? I’m not sure, and not knowing is kind of nice.

Scout Training Camp Patches!

That leads me to one of my newest patches, available on my online shop on Etsy. This patch has many features: it’s mega sparkly, it’s got a kitty on it, it will show people you’re serious about becoming a sailor scout (which will make them afraid, obv.), it’s iron on, and it’s magical.


I hope you like it! I would love to make so many more Sailor Moon themed things. Its like what my dream would be as a child! And as an adult! I didn’t grow up!

If you like them I would LOVE if you were to Pin them! Share my friends, share!

I also took the liberty to source a couple other cool designs from the interwebs if you’re a Sailor Moon fan, take a look!

Geek Me Pretty 

Geek Me Pretty Sailor Scout Moon Manga transformation hard enamel pin etsy.png

When you can’t choose which Sailor Scout to represent, you can choose them all! This hard enamel pin on Etsy by Geek Me Pretty features a gem for each scout! Buy it here.

Magical Maidens

sailor moon ditto x magical girl enamel pin by magical maidens on etsy.jpg

How cute are these little Serena faces?! Look at them! These are available on Magical Maidens etsy shop here.

Cheese Toasted


I loooooove the illustrative style of this acrylic charm. She’s equal parts adorable and pretty. So precious! You can buy it on etsy from Cheese Toasted here.



Stickers are a fun way to spice up your life. Do it with a little magical Sailor Scout action why don’t you? You can buy this sticker sheet from pomfumi on etsy here!

Colourfy Me

magical girl moon screscent nameel necklace sailor moon senshi pendant by ColourfyMe.jpg

Another pretty one from etsy, this time in necklace form. I honestly don’t know/remember if this is something from the show, but it’s so pretty I don’t care? You can buy it here.

Anyways that’s it for now, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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