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How to Install a decal!

Hey! you’re probably here because you bought a decal from me. Thanks! 

Thinking about buying a decal, but haven’t? You can shop here.

You can download a pdf of instructions here, or keep reading.


Vinyl – this is what the decal is made out of

Premask – this is the sticky paper material covering your decal, it feels like masking tape

Backing Paper – the thicker feeling paper that your vinyl is cut on, it has a slippery surface once the premask is removed

Burnish – to rub something so it sticks



Vinyl decals work best on glass, but can be applied to metal, plastic and wood. Although the decals are removeable sometimes they can leave residue behind. The residue can be removed using an adhesive remover like Goo Gone (adhesive removers should be used cautiously, they can remove paint and the finish from certain surfaces!). The longer the decal is on a surface the better it will stick. Warmth and the sun make the glue stick better. Don’t apply the decal on something you would be devastated if it left residue. Don’t apply decals to your Ming vase. Also important to note that if the surface is cold (If you live in a cold climate and it’s winter and you’re applying outside), the glue will not stick properly. If you really want to apply the decal anyways you can warm the surface with a heat gun (but you run the risk of shattering the glass with the temperature change). The flatter the surface the better, anything with a ridge might not stick well.


It’s best to clean the surface twice. Once with a product like Windex to get rid of the dirt, then when it’s clean, wipe it with isopropyl alcohol. This step is important because it will remove any residue left behind by the windex or other cleaner. Surprisingly any residue can affect the adhesion of the decal. Your decal may not last long if the surface isn’t prepped properly. Always do a spot test on the area of the surface to make sure you aren’t ruining the finish using a product.


What we need to do it make the decal stick to the premask. You will peeling the premask away from the backing paper. This will be tricky with smaller letters, GO SLOW! If the letters keep sticking to the backing paper and won’t stick to the premask gently press and rub the backing paper and the premask together on that spot and try again, by rubbing it you’re making the glue adhere better, giving you a better chance of removing the letter. It’s tricky, but it can be done, be patient!


Now that all the decal is on the premask you can align the decal onto the spot you want (I eyeball this step, but if you’re not a good eyeballer, you can do some measuring beforehand) press the premask onto the surface slowly, making sure there are no ripples in the premask. It has to be nice and flat on the surface. Once thats done you can burnish the decal onto the surface. rub the premask with your fingers or a credit card to make sure the decal has stuck. Make sure you burnish evey part of the decal so make sure everything has stuck


From one corner of the premask start to peel away the premask from the surface. Do this SLOWLY! Keep your eyes on the surface to make sure all the decal is being left on the surface



Be very careful cleaning the area after the decals are applied. If they’re letters they’re bound to have sharp corners, those are hot spots for lifting! Clean the area with decals carefully.

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