Fresh Finds Friday

Hey! I did this a looong time ago before my life got turned upside down and I became the Prince of a town called Bel-Air. Wow I got off topic quick.

Uhh anyways, I used to curate lists of stuff that I loved because I had time and I enjoy shopping, but never have money. So I thought I’d take another stab at getting back at it.

Today on Society6 there’s a sale on throw pillows and blankets, so I thought I could pick out a few artists that I like.

First is Ingrid Beddoes. I’m unfortunately not living somewhere warm and sunny and beachy. My Grandpa landed in Manitoba, and not Newport Beach, unfortunately. Despite this I, like most people, love the beach. I like looking at it, I like thinking about it, I like it all. So her work is mostly beachy stuff that I love. Here are a few faves:

Ingrid Beddoes Sea of Love print on Society6.png

This print is called Sea of Love, you can buy it here.

Beach Love V by Ingrid Beddoes on Society6.png

Ugh this one is soooooo magical. I wish I was there, *sob*. Buy the pillow, on sale today, I might add, here.

Beach by Ingrid Beddoes on society6.png

Heres another lovely one thats on sale today called Beach. I want to live in this photo forever. Buy it here.

Happy Friday!!

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