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Super Sage Advice About Menfolk

I’m not usually the type of person to give advice, because heck, I don’t know what I’m doing either. And I would have incredible amounts of guilt if I were to make things worse, which my advice almost certainly would.

I’m not going into details about my personal life, that’s saved for my best pals. But I feel like there’s definitely a lot of universal truths to having that general feeling of “what the fuck is his problem?”

So I created a few FREE downloadable designs. You can download the files and print it yourself! (it’s a 11″x14″ print, complete with crop marks, I would recommend a nice coated paper to handle the ink coverage, but do whatever u want). I haven’t done a test run on these, so if the design doesn’t print well for some reason shoot me an email kodiakmilly [at] gmail [dot] com

It’s also available in iPhone 6 wallpaper, because sometimes u just need to stare at something to remind yourself of stuff, you know?

Anyways, if you’re super jazzed about the designs and would like to donate to a charity I’ve chosen the St. Boniface Hospital, when you get to the drop down I would suggest the Cardiac Care section. No reason. You can donate here.

The first design features a quote by the poet Warsan Shire. It kind of reminds you that you’re not the reason someone is a douche bag. You’re great, keep up the good work, sport. You can download the high res printable pdf here. You can download the iPhone 6 wallpaper here.


The second design is based off the words of Notorious BIG. Don’t get hung up jerks. Download the printable design here, and the iPhone wallpaper here.


The third design is the most simple and to the point expression, thanks Beyonce. Download the printable version here, and the iPhone wallpaper here.


Thanks for checking it out!

Also shout out to BIBI.ARTS who took the lovely bokeh photo.

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