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Two New Patches to Keep You Cool This Summer

Not literally cool. But if you want to be like, hip, you know.

I’ve launched two new patches, which are fun and funny and will melt onto your jacket with their awesome iron-on abilities to my etsy shop.

Both are rooted in my deep love of British things. The It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Queen patch is in honour of Queen Elizabeth, who, obviously, I’m a big fan of. I think I’ve mentioned it in a previous post, but I think she’s super cool and a hard ass and doesn’t take no shit from anybody. My #lifegoals are to be more like her, she doesn’t care if you think she has too many corgis, Philip! If you don’t like her, or the royal family, or the whole thing then fine, go away.

The second is based on the Monty Python sketch Hells Grannies, watch below:


Which was one of the original Girl Gangs, IMO.

Both are available now! Check them out here.


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