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Dean Strang and Jerry Buting Wisconsin Justice League

Have you watched “Making a Murderer” yet? That’s pretty much my tagline right now. No one at work has, and it’s literally driving me insane. I need some kind of group therapy where we talk about the case. Someone else on Instagram pointed out how this is everyone on the internet right now:

Making a murderer reaction.png

I started watching it after Christmas, because who doesn’t love a little murder mystery after the holidays? Also there was a substantial amount of buzz around the documentary. Buzz is sometimes not an indication of quality, mind you (example: Glee). So I sat down to watch it and was so intrigued after the first episode, but by about 3/4 through I was like, oh, each episode must be about a different case because this one is wrapped up in a neat little package. I was so wrong.

I don’t want to babble on about watching it because, we’ve all watched it. Right? I am also a slightly obsessive person (which is why I would make a GREAT DETECTIVE). So basically I’ve been thinking about this non-stop for almost a month. There’s an awful lot of strange things that go down in the documentary, one of them being the defence lawyers being beacons of intelligence, hope, and reason in the face of outrageous circumstances (examples of outrage: where did the blood in the car come from, the burnt bones were moved, why was there no blood at the murder scene on top of a titanic ship full of conflict-of-interest scenarios that played out as well). It’s so incredibly rare to see lawyers being these likeable human beings that CARE (sorry to my buddy Kim who’s in Law School, not you, girl). ESPECIALLY defence lawyers. Anyways long story short I love the defence lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting like a lot, like pretty much every other human woman. They’re so adorable, and I picture them being best friends fighting crimes together harvesting cranberries and eating big block of Wisconsin cheese.

Side note, to find out which one of them should be your boo (I’m a Dean girl), take the quiz here.

So in tribute to them I had this burning to design something that really showed my admiration for these two cuties. Here it is! It’s on my Society6 page. It’s a print, tote bag, pillow and more! I am ordering the tote bag immediately so everyone who sees me walking with it knows I’m down with shining chestnut hair and a smart sweater, and, of course, Making a Murderer.

Check them out here.

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