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As Seen on the Dainty Squid Blog!

Happy Saturday y’all!

I hope you’re somewhere warm, because I’m not! And wow am I ever not going outside today. People around here are always talking about how we all need to buck up and be tough and not look like a bunch of weaklings. Well, I am a weakling. And I’m not afraid to admit that I enjoy whining. Some might say that it even keeps me warm. So I will continue to whine, and you will have to accept it.

It’s cold. I do not like it. – The End

With that out of the way I wanted to do a post about how my Trouble Red Flag Patch was just featured on The Dainty Squid blog!

Red Flag Trouble Patch by Kodiak Milly on etsy.png

It’s such a weird occurrence to have someone you admire notice something you’ve done. Through my Instagram page I’ve seen a ton of folks about 100 times cooler than me posting about my work, and it’s so weird and awesome. It’s also new to me to have an audience, outside of friends and family, who like what I’m doing. It’s really exciting and great and I’m very appreciative. It makes me want to design more things!

I actually have an idea burning in my brain about a new design that I want to do ASAP, but it will wait until I’m done my housework. Stay tuned!


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