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Lazy Sunday


It’s been a fun couple of weeks, it turns out that I’m not the only one who loves Jeff Goldblum and I’ve had some success with my Jeff Goldblum Appreciation Society patches! If you haven’t seen them yet visit my etsy store, or follow me on Instagram here. I’m really super excited to see people put them on things, please tag me so I can share with the universe our scary obsession with the Goldblum.

Aside from my new found love of making patches today I was laying around in my pyjamas, thinking about how nice it is to do absolutely nothing. I’ve had this conversation with many people, and although I love internetting, I feel like the world generally needs to chill out more. Like in the old days how people used to just sit, and stare, because what else was there to do during your non-working hours? I imagine a lot of conversation and relaxation and really feeling connected with the people around you and your world. I’m lucky enough to have a cabin that for a week and a few weekends I get to escape to. That’s really the only place I don’t have the feelings of constant hurry syndrome. I grow so tired of everyone being so busy all the time. Busy sucks. We’re killing ourselves for what? We get one life and we’re spending it stressing out and doing insane amounts of work, why? It’s not my style and it goes against my personal beliefs to spend your whole life committed to working. Anyways, rant over. I think the people out there who get it, get it. I want to spend my free time relaxing, listening to jazz, drinking coffee, letting my mind wander, getting immersed in a good film, just sitting around and thinking.

With that long winded introduction I was laying around in my pjs feeling totally unwilling to move when I was like, I need to create a set of prints for people who like to take it easy. We have tons of inspiration telling us to do more, we need to start doing less. Enjoy life, because you could wake up dead and miss the whole point 😉

I call this the “Too Tired” print set, for your consideration and admiration they are available on my Society6 page.


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