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Vacation Time is Here Again!

Happy long weekend Sunday to you!

In Winnipeg, it’s sunny, a bit cool, and there is a bunny in my yard eating grass – it’s a good day.

I’m off to Clear Lake for a week leaving behind the man and the dog, I imagine when I come back they will both have big bushy beards. Something like the image below, but imagine the weasel creature like a pomeranian and add matching jean cut-off shorts.

man with animal beard schick

(Image credit here)

I’ve only been to the lake once so far this year, which is really unfortunate and poor planning on my part. It’s hard to get places with no car, and the bus for a round trip is $80, which is more than I usually have available to throw around.

I was really hoping to get a nice camera before heading up so I could use more of the photos into prints and designs, alas that was not to be. I’ll keep trying and maybe by the end of summer I will have some money saved up for this bad boy:

Olympus Pen E-PL7 Pancake Zoom Kit

In the mean time if you feel like supporting the cause of me getting this camera head over to my Society6 page and buy some things. Here’s a couple of lake / summer themed items that would be an excellent choice!

PS – the etsy store is on vacation, but I’ll be back on August 11th if you’re wondering

Stay cool, friends!

Go Explore wilderness adventure print by Kristen Lourie on Society6

California Dreaming art print society6

Take Me To The Lake art print on Society6 by Kristen Lourie

No Hurries No Worries clock on Society6 by Kristen Lourie

Happy to be in Wasagaming Manitoba Canada print by Kristen Lourie

Summer Love pillow on Society6 by Kristen Lourie

Make Lemonade print by Kristen Lourie on Society6

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